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An ever-growing collection of antitobacco marionettes... all repeating
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Smokers Are A

Financial Burden.

Not Really!

The tobacco settlement will increase the transfer of resources from the smoking to the nonsmoking public."


The Congressional Research Service says otherwise

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How the Government Plans To Destroy Your Medical Privacy







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Roosevelt, Churchill, Picasso, General Patten, Edison. Dirty filthy smokers that never accounted for anything? This is how the antis view a smoker.




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What Is Baffling The Medical Community






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Nazi-ism at it's finest

Tobacco Penalty Stings-BURNSVILLE, Minn.


As the strictest penalty known in Minnesota for selling cigarettes to minors took effect Monday, workers removed all tobacco products--and their racks--from a Burnsville SuperAmerica station, says the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. SuperAmerica must pay a $10,000 fine by March 18, and the location was banned from selling tobacco products for a year after police caught clerks there selling to juveniles for the fifth time in two years.


The Taliban wear no uniforms and neither do the MN undercover cops!

Go and cast your vote!!! Voice your opinion - click here



Bad Moon Rising Over Canada

Winnipeg Sun - March 2, 2002

Dr. Frederick Ross, the Winnipeg physician who got stunningly positive reviews across the country for his "courageous" stand to kick non-smoking patients out of his practice.

Why Do We Smoke Cigarettes?


An Open Letter - Editorial

They can fool all of the people most of the time, but they can't fool all of the people forever...........



The Public is ALL peoples!  Not the Good, The Bad, The Ugly, but NO SMOKERS! We, too are apart of the public!  We, too, much prefer to not hang with anti-smokers, who are usually dried up old prunes, never tip well, aren't any fun, still smell funny.  We are apart of 50 million adults who choose to smoke, LOVE to smoke and are fighting for our right to continue to do so.  If you do not like smokers, there surely are a lot of places you can go to eat and drink and not be around us.  Just remember:  we, too, do not want to be around YOU!  But don't forget:  Smokers are apart of the Public also!  And there are "many smells" in the public! So get over it!  We aren't going away................My experience is that most non smokers are OBESE!  So get ready, the FEDS are coming after you!  And I will laugh so hard you will hear me! heh!  You fat people better unite NOW!


Smoking In The News: Bans & Restrictions!

Keep abreast of the latest news



   State of Maine Forcing All Grade School Kids to Answer Horrific Survey
(2 Meg PDF format - if need be, right click on the link and 'save to disk' or 'save target as')
that identifies Grades 7 and 8 individuals by requiring their Zip Code
a Survey that they are Hiding from the Parents and the Public
under a Copyright Law.
Smoking aside, 
which is categorized in with 
alcohol, marijuana, heroin, crack, lsd, sex, guns, knives, violence, and crime,
this Survey will mentally and emotionally Traumatize regular kids in to
Psychiatric 'Care'.

And the Partners For a Tobacco Free Maine is using the surveys for God knows what all...........Invasion of Privacy!

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The AMA Will Kill You 

Along with their buds the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation!!!


By Gian Turci from Forces International


…On second thought, the idea of a list of obituaries for non smokers is not that far-fetched – especially for the morons who are telling us that "If we did not smoke, we would not die." Perhaps we should wait for them to die, then go dance, smoke, and drink on their graves. What a party that would be; count me in for the next one!

Tulsa, Oklahoma Restaurants to avoid if you travel there and smoke

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We are not part of any other organization, but we are part of the 50 million American citizens who are being taxed to death to pay special interest groups to make us feel like second-class citizens. And we are tired of it.-Spinner 


Partners For A Tobacco Free Maine



Their ads on TV are on the form of harassment!  A double ad every 10 minutes???  If an adult smoker wants to quit, they sure know where to go.  But this group is harassing us through the TV media and I have turned them off.

I have been reading all the lies posted at their site.  We all agree we do not want teens smoking.....but the lies they are telling ADULTS are going to be debunked right here.  They will  be getting a letter from me.  I will not put up with the lies and the miss-information which are inaccurate, deceitful and dishonest.

 My letter to the PTFM


The following letter is from Forces Duluth, who is also, fed up with the lies and the miss-information from the Partners for a Smoke Free EVERYTHING!


The following is a letter to Ms. Welton using her own Pledge Form.  

Dear Ms. Welton,

I pledge to keep my: (Please check appropriate box(es))


I pledge to keep my vehicle free from tyranny, repression and interference from unelected bureaucrats with nothing better to do than try to save me and my adult passengers from ourselves. That means smoke 'em if you've got 'em. I am doing this because I'm a big boy and can make my own decisions.
Send me my free packet that includes a special window sticker for my car.


I pledge to keep my home a haven for those who still value concepts like freedom of choice, something you seem to think is outdated. That means the use of tobacco products in my home is welcome by any adult at any time. I am doing this because I'm a former Marine who served his country to protect the rights I still hold dear from people like you who would take them away.
Send me my free packet that includes a special window sticker for my home.


(Bar owners only) I pledge to keep my bar open to the general public and a safe place in which adults are free to enjoy the legal products I offer. That means the use of tobacco products in my bar is welcome by any adult at any time. I am doing this to protect the rights of my staff and customers because they deserve all the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and I, as a business owner, deserve the right of free enterprise to conduct business at my privately-owned establishment as I see fit.
Send me my free packet that includes a special window sticker for my bar.


I am interested in making my workplace safe from tyrants like you. Please send me information on how to proceed.

Playing Field

I am interested in making my community's playing fields a buffer zone where fanatics like you aren't allowed. My children are exposed to enough crap. At least I can protect them from this one. Please send me information on how to proceed.


I am interested in keeping one or more of my community's schools a place where children receive an education, not a breeding ground for jackbooted little thugs and political activists. Please send me information on how to proceed.

Please consider all of the above boxes checked.

Dan Hass

President, FORCES Duluth

Duluth, MN


National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

The claims that second hand smoke causes 50,000 deaths can no longer hold up due to the report by the CDC.



A Manifesto for a Time of Change

Not surprisingly, the object of the crime is money—$206 billion to the states and billions more to contingency fee lawyers. The cover for the crime is the maddening complexity of the Master Settlement Agreement, which documents the deal. The real victims are the people whom the states and their lawyers set out to protect—smokers, who get nothing out of the settlement yet must pay the entire cost.



Most nonsmokers have no idea how far the demonization of smokers has gone, nor how much damage is being done by this "war" on one in four of our fellow citizens. And it is all based on manipulated science funded by special-interest groups well paid with money extorted from the smokers themselves. It's a sad and scary statement on what CAN happen in a free country when unelected zealots with an axe to grind in collusion with greedy pork-barrel politicians set their sights on one unpopular segment of society. - by Spinner


The Freedom of Choice Pin - Wear It With Pride

You are not alone

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Yet Another Fight Against The Pandemic of Corruption


We are no way, making light of what happened on 11 Sept. But if you will go to the Smoking News and see for yourself. The anti smokers and the nico-nazi's are still fighting their war on the smokers and all AFTER the 11th of September. We cannot sleep, or rest, even now.






Smokers - Niggers of the 21st Century

I have never in my lifetime seen such discrimination against one group of people like we smokers are facing today! If the blacks were humiliated and suffered so like we smokers are today, then I can well sympathize!

We are not only in the BACK of the bus, we are not even ALLOWED on the bus!!!


Behind the Scenes of the Anti-Freedom Campaign




Maybe it's hard for "them" to believe that we DO enjoy smoking and we didn't FALL for all their anti-rhetoric.


You read the lies about second hand smoke and passive smoke....now read the TRUTH!

The reason the Government is working to get us all to quit smoking, is so Big Pharm can get our money for quit smoking aides!


The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

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We are not part of any other organization, but we are part of the 50 million American citizens who are being taxed to death to pay special interest groups to make us feel like second-class citizens. And we are tired of it.-Spinner

"The taxing power...must not be used to regulate the economy or bring about social change."
Ronald Reagan - 1981